Jul 3, 2018

Tripto App Concept UI/Interaction Design

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Tripto is a mobile application service for planning travel routes, using just postcards of amazing places around the world. Just swipe, add and travel !

The initial start-up idea was that Tripto needs to be the equivalent of tinder but for travelling. So I took on the challenge together with the team at the Sandpit to build up on this idea and bring new features to the table.

During the course of a month I conducted user research and had extensive interviews with the stakeholders to better understand the requirements of the business and what the app needs to deliver. I quickly got through the feature prioritisation and soon started to build wireframes and user flows.

After testing the design with a few users and with the stakeholders, I moved on to designing the UI and some of the interactions that the app would have. I also implemented some gamification features to the app in the form of stamp collection and rewards based on places visited, photos taken and miles traveled.

The app did not go into the development phase because of funding issues, but I am planning on reviving this project together with the previous stakeholders and building a prototype that could attract some investors.


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